Maize (Dry)

Maize (Dry)

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Maize (Dry)

Classic Whole Yellow Maize cooked to perfection in our filtered rain water. This is a real favourite for many anglers and is very simple to use, it can be a great bait for catching carp due to its moreish and visual properties. 

The best way to prepare Maize:

1. Soak the Maize for 24 hours or more in a large bucket or saucepan.

2. Transfer the Maize and water into large saucepan.

3. Bring the water to boil and simmer for 40mins. 

4. Transfer to a large bucket or container.

5. Cover the container or bucket with a lid and leave to cool.

6. Maize will be ready for use as soon as water is cool.

7. Strain, or use straight from the bucket.

Monster's top tip... Add a handful of chilli flakes after cooking.