Frequently Asked Questions

Is your particle sent out frozen?

No, all our particle is cooked on day of dispatch and will be at your door within 24 hours of being cooked. You cant get fresher than that! We even get customer comments that their bait is still warm when it arrives. We do not store bait in freezers for weeks on end, all orders are cooked and shipped out fresh.

How long does delivery take?

Standard Delivery atm is 5/7 working days. You can upgrade to Express Delivery which is extra. Majority of orders placed on the weekend are sent out the following week.

How is your particle so cheap?

Our business model is different to other companies. We work with huge volumes of particle each week. This means that we are able to cook and prepare particle in huge batches as well driving the price down with our supplier.

Do you sell Shelf-Life Particle?

Yes we do, all our shelf life is now in bags and will last 4 weeks, can last longer if left in a cool place.

How much particle do you send out each week?

We are asked this question a lot. We don't keep it a secret how much we send out as this information is easily accessible. In the busy months we are sending out on average 20/30 tonne of prepared particle each week, which is continually increasing as our brand grows further a field.

How long will the particle last?

Once you receive your order we suggest that our particle will last 5/7 days out of the freezer before it begins to turn, if you need to keep the particle for longer then please store it in a freezer.

Is your hemp & tigernuts good quality?

The only time the hemp or tigernuts floats is if you freeze it for long periods of time as around the edges the hemp dries out making it change back to its dry state. On the bank always keep it covered. We drain all our hemp so you get the specified weight in hemp and not in water. If you are planning on freezing your hemp or tigernuts for long periods of time, empty the hemp or tigernuts into buckets or bags and cover it with water and freeze it. You will see a huge difference in the quality of the hemp or tigers.

What size is your hemp?

Our hemp is Chinese at the moment the split rate is very good and large. When the French/Canadian/Chinese harvest the hemp we get samples from each straight from the farms and we decide which is best and at the moment the Chinese are on top. You will also see the Chinese hemp slowly disappear from the market as they are stopping to produce fishing quality hemp as they have found more beneficial crops to grow. Reason the price increase on Chinese hemp.

Do you supply trade orders?

Yes we supply a lot of other particle companies and bait firms in the trade. We can also send out orders our side as well to your customers directly. You will be surprised how cheap we can supply dry particle by the tonne, we do this for a lot of local companies. We can probably beat most of the animal feed prices.

Where do you cook your particle?

We have a work force of 12 in the height of the summer, all bagging & packing bait. I think we are the only company doing this full time with a workforce which just shows the amount we sell. 

Can you do bait on "tick"?

We get asked this a lot, no sorry we don't do bait on "tick" we are not drug dealers we sell particle, all particle must be paid for before we send out your order.

Can I just turn up and collect particle?

Yes you can, its cash only, please give us a ring 2 days before so we can get it ready for you, our collection times are Mon-Friday 9am - 5pm,